New website to help schools fight online bullying

New website to help schools fight online bullying

November 12, 2018

To mark this year’s Anti Bullying Week, a new website and short video has been published by Greenford High School’s CyberMentorPLUS programme.

Starting today (12 November), Anti-Bullying Week, led by the Anti Bullying Alliance, will include the first ever Stop Speak Support Day this Thursday (15 November) to highlight the issue of bullying that takes place online.

And Greenford High School has launched a new bespoke website and a short film (also above) to help safeguard young people from online risks.

Packed with top tips, an extensive training programme and advice for pupils, teachers, parents and carers, has been developed in collaboration with Media Trust, John Lyons Charity and pupils from the school.

All schools in the borough can apply through the new website to join the CyberMentorPLUS programme, which has been funded by John Lyon’s Charity.

Mubina Asaria, head of online safety at Greenford High School and a CyberMentorPLUS co-ordinator, said: “CyberMentorPLUS is here to tackle cyberbullying before it becomes an issue in the classroom. And, before it adversely affects the lives of everyone involved.

“It takes the entire school community to keep a child safe from online bullying. And it starts with putting young people at the heart of everything. For schools, online bullying can result in prolonged absences, lower grades and lower attainment. Students may avoid lessons or school, altogether. But for children and young people who are the victims of cyberbullying, the impact can be much worse. From low self-esteem to increased risk of depression, anxiety, self-harm, or worse.

“Crucially, CyberMentorPLUS turns pupils into peer mentors. Through training and ongoing support, the focus is on equipping them with the tools to tackle both the causes and effects of bullying online. And, around them, we create a network of support and knowledge by providing bespoke training and workshops for school staff, as well as parents and carers.”

To find out more about how CyberMentorPLUS is delivered, or to apply for a funded place on the programme, visit