Follow the bunny to crack the egg trail

Follow the bunny to crack the egg trail

April 5, 2019
London Farmers Market Easter egg hunt in West Ealing

Watch out for the Easter bunny hiding clues in West Ealing tomorrow (Saturday, 6 April) for a special treasure trail. You can win chocolate eggs – or the real thing.

The Easter egg fun is taking place at London Farmers Market between 9am-1pm in Leeland Road. The mischievous bunny will be hopping around, high and low, hiding clues for children to have the chance to win some egg-straordinary prizes.

It will be free to take part as long as prizes last, so make sure you arrive before the bunny has hopped off.

When all the clues are found, guests will win a box of free range market eggs; or anyone wanting something sweet will be able to eggs-change their free range eggs for a chocolatey treat.

The market, endorsed by Ealing Council, sells free range, organic British eggs: From goose and duck eggs to occasionally even turkey, quail and pheasant eggs.

What are London Farmers Markets?

London Farmers Markets enable farmers to sell their products direct to the consumer. Instead of supermarkets or wholesalers taking a cut, farmers and fishermen take 100% of the retail price.

Most of the farmers at the markets come from within 100 miles of the M25, many a great deal closer. A few come from within 150 miles and occasionally there is a guest producer from further afield.