Welcome to work club

Welcome to work club

May 21, 2015

Many of us know that finding work can be a job in itself. However, as Andy Mahady reports, there is help out there.

Ealing Council runs three weekly job clubs which are helping residents plan and think through their journey into work.

As you would expect, work clubs provide help with CVs, application forms, job searches and interview technique. They also refer people to vocational training and further education opportunities.

However, just as importantly, they also provide a place to meet other people in the same position. Being out of work can be a very lonely road, so a chance to share job hunting experiences with others facing similar challenges is often welcome. In this way Ealing’s work clubs are as much about learning from each other’s experiences, exchanging skills and building all-important new contacts.
Finding work and opening doors

Aikaterini Kasampali, a qualified aviation research analyst, joined the Ealing Broadway job club in January after arriving in the UK from Greece. Despite being highly qualified and keen to get a job she found herself unemployed for 12 weeks, with no luck in getting into the aviation industry.

Aikaterini explained her situation to Around Ealing: “Before work club I had attended Job Centre Plus and applied for a great many jobs. My work club advisor, Diane, helped me work out a more methodical approach and a strategic way into jobs in my area of qualification.

“After two months at the Ealing Broadway club I secured a sales position at Heathrow Airport. Although sales is a new field, I’m enjoying it and doing well. Just as importantly I’m now part of the Heathrow community, and I’ve recently been offered membership of the International Air Transport Association. Getting a job at Heathrow has helped me to make new contacts, get me the right introductions and is definitely opening new doors for me. I’m confident that being part of the Heathrow community will make my future career moves much easier.”

The clubs offer help and support to residents looking for employment in many different industries and at different levels. The aim is to develop a methodical approach to job searches and sometimes, as with Aikaterini, look at wider more strategic options for getting into your chosen area.

Aikaterini’s advice to those looking for employment is clear: “Attend your local work club every week and stay positive. It’s inevitable that you will get rejections, but stay focused on the positives and your next steps. Doors will eventually start to open.”

More information
Ealing Council currently runs work clubs in Acton, Ealing, and Northolt and supports another in Hanwell. Full details are on the council’s website.

Anyone living in Ealing and looking for a job is welcome to attend any of the clubs.  You do not need to make an appointment, just call-in, and start planning your journey into work.