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Jobs & Skills

Pathways Programme

Pathways, an award-winning programme, is looking to recruit young people at the end of October. The programme is run by Ealing...
Apprenticeships - Ricky (on the right) now works at Copley after a council apprenticeship

Ricky and Amy are both successfully building careers after doing an apprenticeship. One became an apprentice at Ealing Council and...
ICVs are needed to visit police stations

Volunteers are needed to visit police stations to check on people being held there – and make sure they are...
Freestyle footballer Jamie Knight at the Street Elite Festival in Southall

A scheme being used to inspire young people into work and education is ‘an actual opportunity through sport’ to change...
Southall Waterside - artist's impression

Local apprentices were among those working on-site at the new Southall Waterside development as the huge project to build a...
Supanja Pueaboonmak-Davies, apprentice

Apprenticeships are an opportunity to gain valuable work experience alongside a qualification, with the prospect of full-time employment at the...
Copenhagen Metro escalators by Arria Belli (via WikiCommons)

Ealing Council is running two schemes to give people a push with their career. One, WEST, helps unemployed people get work;...
One of the current learners Lukasz Klucznik who enrolled on an adult learning course

Whether you want to improve your job prospects, or ‘up-skill’ for your current job, gaining a qualification can help strengthen...
Megan Walsh got into an apprenticeship through the WEST scheme

“It has made a huge difference for me,” said Megan Walsh, who has gained her first step on a career...
Lucy Taylor and apprentice Katrina Pietersen at Pho restaurant in Ealing

For the fourth year running, a ‘100-in-100’ campaign run by the council’s Ealing Apprenticeship Network has been achieving pledges from...
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