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Local history

We have a rich local history: From daredevil pilots to royal molecatchers, and from manor houses to once rural villages. Our borough has had more than its fair share of fascinating characters, interesting tales, and also has towns recorded in the Domesday book. Curious about the area's past and its role in various national or international events? Then read on. We have collated years of history articles for you from Around Ealing magazine and included others that have appeared online more recently, which will be added to regularly as we go along, including a serialisation of a diary from the 1930s. Thanks must go to the borough's archivist Dr Jonathan Oates - because many of the stories are written or researched by him - and to the local history section of Ealing Central Library.
Trolleybus in action

Week 47 of Goodlet's diary is one of contrasts: Admiring the new trolley buses along the Uxbridge Road (pictured) while...
Serial killer John Christie

John Christie had been killing for years when women’s corpses were finally uncovered at his house in 1953 – hidden...
Alexander Goodlet

Week 46 sees Armistice Day being commemorated and Goodlet remembers the day itself when the First World War ended and...
Admiralty Arch in central London

'Things are very difficult at home these days', writes Goodlet in week 45 of the serialisation of his diaries from...
Hanger Lane - Goodlet went to watch the funeral train nearby

Week 44 rather bizarrely sees Goodlet registering his regret over the abolishing of the cutlass. A haircut, not with a...
Bank in Acton High Street

Week 43. Cashing a cheque at a bank in Acton (pictured) brought a bit of relief to a week tarnished by financial...
Lyons tea shop in Ealing

Week 42 sees Goodlet lament the state of world affairs as war creeps ever closer: 'What a world. Really, it...
Crowded library in Acton

Visits to the library (pictured) provide some respite in week 41 from the misery of a bad cold and constant...
Woolworths in Ealing Broadway

Week 40 begins with a welcome reprieve, with nobody from the Electricity Board coming around to cut off the supply....
Richmond Theatre

Goodlet ends week 39 by taking in some 'infernal tosh' at the Richmond Theatre (pictured) and facing up to the...
Horn Lane, Acton

Week 38 is punctuated by several trips to Horn Lane in Acton (pictured) and news of the trial of a...
Tower Bridge with bascules open

Week 37 of Goodlet's diaries from 80 years ago include a visit to the Tower of London, news of a cross-Atlantic...
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