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Local history

We have a rich local history: From daredevil pilots to royal molecatchers, and from manor houses to once rural villages. Our borough has had more than its fair share of fascinating characters, interesting tales, and also has towns recorded in the Domesday book. Curious about the area's past and its role in various national or international events? Then read on. We have collated years of history articles for you from Around Ealing magazine and included others that have appeared online more recently, which will be added to regularly as we go along, including a serialisation of a diary from the 1930s. Thanks must go to the borough's archivist Dr Jonathan Oates - because many of the stories are written or researched by him - and to the local history section of Ealing Central Library.
Steps to Rockland animation

The people behind an acclaimed film about how a small club in Ealing helped shape early rock music into a...
Alcock and Brown in their Vickers Vimy ahead of take-off for Atlantic challenge

Last week (14-15 June) marked a significant date in aviation: The 100-year anniversary of the first ever non-stop flight over...
British Forces during the Invasion of Normandy 6 June 1944 Troops of 3rd Infantry Division on Queen Red beach, Sword area, circa 0845 hrs, 6 June 1944. In the foreground are sappers of 84 Field Company Royal Engineers, part of No.5 Beach Group, identified by the white bands around their helmets. Behind them, medical orderlies of 8 Field Ambulance, RAMC, can be seen assisting wounded men. In the background commandos of 1st Special Service Brigade can be seen disembarking from their LCI(S) landing craft.

With the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy that ushered in a long and hard-fought, but ultimately successful,...
Watercolor portrait of Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (Ada Lovelace) circa 1840

A plaque to commemorate mathematician and computer pioneer Ada Lovelace was unveiled by the Earl of Lytton, her direct descendant,...
Acton Library interior

Ealing’s libraries were born more than 130 years ago thanks to local people wanting to do something good for their...

To mark International Women's Month, Gunnersbury Park and Museum is hosting two talks - and a tour - this Saturday...
Fleeing Belgian refugees 1914

London’s population has always been one of comings and goings and migration and immigration; but in the last century, Ealing...
Henrietta Howard

Henrietta Howard, later Countess of Suffolk, was the long-term mistress and confidante of King George II. In March, renowned writer and...
Crowds build before the Southall riots

On 23 April it will be the 40th anniversary of the events in Southall in 1979 that were later to...
Peaceful protest outside Southall Police Station in 1979 the day before Southall riots took place

Councillor Jasbir Anand represents Southall Green ward and is a member of the council’s cabinet. However, in 1979 she was...

Some readers may have seen the TV drama shown on Channel 5 in December titled Agatha Christie and the Truth...
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School exhibition: Shirley Sexton, year 6 teacher and head of English and art; pupils from years 5, 6, 4, and 3; and Christina Urbanski, year 4 teacher and head of humanities.

A school in Perivale held two weeks of activities themed around the First World War to commemorate the centenary anniversary...
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