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Local history

We have a rich local history: From daredevil pilots to royal molecatchers, and from manor houses to once rural villages. Our borough has had more than its fair share of fascinating characters, interesting tales, and also has towns recorded in the Domesday book. Curious about the area's past and its role in various national or international events? Then read on. We have collated years of history articles for you from Around Ealing magazine and included others that have appeared online more recently, which will be added to regularly as we go along, including a serialisation of a diary from the 1930s. Thanks must go to the borough's archivist Dr Jonathan Oates - because many of the stories are written or researched by him - and to the local history section of Ealing Central Library.

Some readers may have seen the TV drama shown on Channel 5 in December titled Agatha Christie and the Truth...
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School exhibition: Shirley Sexton, year 6 teacher and head of English and art; pupils from years 5, 6, 4, and 3; and Christina Urbanski, year 4 teacher and head of humanities.

A school in Perivale held two weeks of activities themed around the First World War to commemorate the centenary anniversary...
Armistice Day celebrations in London, 11 November 1918

Dr Jonathan Oates concludes our series on the First World War by reflecting on what happened locally when reports of...
First World War soldiers

Tens of thousands of local men served in the armed forces in the First World War. At least three of them were...
Tank outside Ealing Town Hall to raise war bonds

One major invention that came out of the First World War was the armoured vehicles armed with powerful guns, known...
All Saints' Acton church choir, in about 1912

October is national Black History Month and a talk being given at a local library will look at the earliest...
Auxiliary hospital in Southall during First World War

Women were debarred from serving in the armed forces in any capacity in the First World War, writes Dr Jonathan...
Plane. First World War

The invention of the zeppelins and aeroplanes meant that war could be carried on from the air as well as...
Paving slab with image of Victoria Cross

On 13 August a paving stone will be laid in Spencer Road, Acton W3 commemorating the Victoria Cross awarded to...
Fleeing Belgian refugees 1914

As we draw closer to the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, in November, we will...
Suffragette meeting

It is often said that 1918 marked a milestone in suffrage, as the year when some British women first had...

The recent publicity given to a postcard sent in the autumn of 1888 to Ealing Police Station and signed ‘Jack...
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