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Ealing Swim Club at Gurnell

Gurnell Leisure Centre may be getting a huge makeover which will include a new, Olympic-sized swimming pool; much needed affordable...
Foster carer Nina Samuel

Whether they admit it or not, all teenagers need love and guidance as they start out in life. Foster carers...
Bob Salmons AKA Robert Hokum plays guitar using a Marshall amp

This year, the Ealing Blues Festival will take place on the weekend of 16-17 July. It will be the 30th...
Foster carers Phillip Doyle and Julienne James

Children come in to care for a range of reasons. They come from diverse backgrounds – some with more complex...
Foster carer Mehrat Wosseneleh

With foster care fortnight coming up (16-29 May), and a national shortage of foster carers, those people who are doing...

From Monday, 6 June most residents in the borough will be switching to wheelie bins for their rubbish and recycling...
Bonita's winning recycling truck art design

One of the borough’s recycling trucks has had an artistic makeover using eye-catching designs by local schoolchildren - including this...
Garden 4 Everyone: Ossian O’Sullivan-Rugg,

“I think the whole community will come together. We’re very excited,” said Kim Rugg, part of the team behind a...
Artist Maggie Le Rougetel working on Ealing Autumn Festival exhibition

What is truth? This year’s Ealing Autumn Festival is asking you to ponder that question and others at a travelling...
Woody Allen during filming in the borough

London has been named one of the most filmed locations in the world, and may have overtaken Los Angeles and...
Ealing Half Marathon

The Ealing Half Marathon is in the running to be voted the best of its kind in the UK for...

There are just 25 days left to make sure you are registered to vote in the Mayor of London and...
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