Editor’s pick

Editor's pick

Christmas 2018 events

Festive lights have now been turned on, while fairs and markets around the borough will give you a sparkling array...
Anthony Bennett - winning entry for Seasons of Ealing autumn 2018

This patiently posed picture of a squirrel was voted as the winner of our fifth Seasons of Ealing photography competition,...
Remembrance Sunday parade, Ealing 2016

Remembrance services will be taking place across the borough during the next week, leading up to Remembrance Sunday on 11...
Around Ealing magazine October 2018

Welcome to the October 2018 edition of Around Ealing magazine. It seems hard to believe it was a year ago...
Borough map © Crown Copyright. Licence LA100019807 2018

The boundary lines of parts of our borough could be redrawn as part of a review that also considered the...
Around Ealing magazine September 2018

Welcome to the September 2018 edition of Around Ealing magazine. My son is starting school in September and the anticipation...