Social care: Funding crisis needs national solution

Social care: Funding crisis needs national solution

June 22, 2017

In this short video, council leader Julian Bell explains what Ealing Council has been doing to tackle the crisis in funding for social care this year – and what he thinks needs to happen next. He warns current solutions are ‘not sustainable. Councils will go bankrupt.’

It is all set in the context of a national, and London-wide, funding crisis. Not just for social care specifically, but for councils generally. Ealing Council has seen its budgets fall by £168million since 2010, for example.

Earlier in the year, the council announced its budget for 2017/18 and central to it was finding ways to help fund the borough’s social care requirements. This included a precept being added to council tax, and additional funding from the council. You can read what Councillor Bell said about that here.

In this video, Councillor Bell explains what this precept will help pay for.