Expert tips 6-9: Getting back into it after a break

Expert tips 6-9: Getting back into it after a break

Now Jordan’s Journey is back on track after an enforced break through illness, Hayley Balls from Tribeca Studios in Ealing is back too, to give you more expert advice on your own exercise regime.

She is following Jordan’s progress and providing tips as she goes along, so this time her advice is about getting back into the habit of exercise, and doing it in a safe and sustainable way, after a break. You could have been ill like Jordan, or be looking to get back into training after pregnancy, or have just lost the habit.

Watch the video above or read the tips below. And you can still read her first set of tips too.

#1 First of all, get a date in the diary and stick to it

So, the key to getting back into exercise again and training again after being off for an extended period is actually just getting that first workout in the diary.

Make sure you get something booked in; plan a run, or a trip to the gym, or a swim, or get a class booked in otherwise you’ll find weeks passing without you getting a plan to start training again.

#2 Do not expect to go too hard

And when you manage to come down for your first workout don’t expect to be able to go quite as hard as you did before your break, so come early to have a quick chat to the instructor before the class and let them know that you haven’t been here for a while and, if it’s a weight based class, then don’t go quite as heavy as you would have done; and if you’re in the ride studio maybe think about just not putting quite as much resistance on and just easing back into it rather than going as hard as you would have done before the extended break.

#3 Ease back in and remember recovery is essential

Make sure that when you’re coming back after a break that you think about just reining it back a bit. Number one: Think about the importance of recovery and don’t come back to quite as many sessions per week as you normally would. And, number two: Think about what kind of classes you come back to and maybe try something less high-impact such as some yoga or pilates to begin with before building up to those slightly higher intensity classes.

#4 Get some moral support

So, a good tip for getting back into exercise is to do it with a friend because it’s always easier if there’s more than one of you. You can get a  date in the diary and you can do it together.

And, you know what? Why not even set up a WhatsApp group so that you can encourage each other and you can you can talk about coming down together but then you can also sort of say, ‘hey, guess what? I managed to get a run in’ or ‘I did another class’ and that really helps having that sort of mutual support.