Expert tip 13: Keeping your progress through Christmas

Expert tip 13: Keeping your progress through Christmas

Hayley Balls from Tribeca Studios in Ealing is here again to give you more expert advice – tip 13 – on your own exercise regime. This time it is about keeping going through the busy – and often unhealthy – Christmas and new year period.

She is following Jordan’s Journey and providing tips as she goes along, and last time her advice was about stepping up your training once you have established your programme and got into a regular habit of exercising. And now you can find out a couple of handy tips to keep this up even during Christmas. This way you can keep progressing.

Watch the video above or read the tips below. And you can still read her first set of tips – and the second set of tips, too.

Tip 13

We get a lot of questions at this time of year about how you can keep your progress over the Christmas period and I guess the key is to relax and enjoy yourself and take take take a few days to recover and enjoy and eat and drink but then just try and keep something going as well – you’ll find that a lot of gyms and a lot of studios open over the Christmas period and maybe come down with friends and family.

So, at Tribeca last year on Boxing Day, we had a lot of family groups come down for our classes on Boxing Day as their Boxing Day activity and, you know, they work off the turkey from the day before. So think about something like that and it might make it quite as painful when you come back in January.