Week two: Learning to ride and getting badass

Week two: Learning to ride and getting badass

Tribeca ride

Starting out my second week wasn’t as plain sailing as I’d hoped for. I decided to start off with a Badass Circuits class, which definitely lived up to its name. The class was tough, there was sprinting, sit ups, planks, burpees, squats, push ups you name it, it was in there. If I didn’t feel unfit before this Badass class, I did now. And, to top it all off, at the very end I even managed to sprain my ankle post burpee.

I probably wouldn’t recommend circuits if you’re only just starting out, I had definitely underestimated the intensity and cardio required for Badass. But I would like to challenge myself to take the class at the end of the month when I’ve hopefully built up my strength and cardio.

Total beginner ride

After a few days of rest on my ankle, I was looking for something which would be a bit gentler on my ankle but will still give me a good workout. So I decided to try out Tribeca’s Total Beginner Ride, which is also sometimes referred to as spinning or RPM. If you’re not familiar, Ride is a structured indoor cycling class,  led by an instructor taking you through a series of sprints, climbs and flat riding all while pushing yourself to get that heart rate up.

Spin classes had always really intrigued me, every time I had looked in on a class, I couldn’t help but wonder why these people looked so happy despite being yelled out, and drenched in more sweat than a hot yoga class.

I must admit I did not feel happy most of the class. In fact I spent the first half deciding that this was way too hard, and deciding I wasn’t going to do it again. But after a while something took over. I had a shot of endorphins and felt amazing. I had started to feel what those happy cyclists had felt.

Ride is high-intensity workout, and because of the varying resistance levels throughout the class it’s not only a great cardio workout but it’s also good for strength training and toning thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and core – which I could feel had been worked the next day.

In the 45-minute class the instructor showed us how to set up our bikes correctly, and took us through the basic techniques for sprinting, standing climbs, and flat riding as well as showing us how to use the resistance wheel at different levels to vary the intensity. Using the heart rate monitor on the bike, the instructor pushed us to sprint harder at different intervals and keep our heart rate at over 100.

The good thing about Ride is that you’re in control, so you can slow down or ease up on the resistance and find your own comfort zone, just as long as you don’t stop pedalling.

Over the next few months I’m hoping each week to do a mixture of classes intensity and strength so pairing up ride classes alongside weight based classes such as BodyPump and gains.


Class: 7/10
Intensity: 7/10
Strength and resistance: 8/10
Cardio: 8/10
Post-class burn: 6/10