Keeping up the challenge

Keeping up the challenge

Keeping up the challenge with Tribeca

When I first started my challenge at Tribeca it was all about getting into a routine, and now that I am starting to feel more familiar with the classes it does become more tempting to stick to what you know and just carry on with the favourite classes. In the last few weeks I’ve found that with my regular classes I wasn’t pushing myself as much as I may have when first starting out, and while I’m starting to feel fitter, I think changing up the classes regularly is key to helping me stayed motivated and on track with my journey. Hayley at Tribeca provided some tips you can see on how to step things up, too.

Beginner boxing

This week I decided to try out boxing, which in the past had always been one of my favourite forms of exercises, especially for getting fit fast. I’ve always enjoyed boxing because it’s fast-paced, and not only a good all-body workout but also a good balance between cardio and resistance training.

Tribeca’s boxing classes are non-combat, and are focused on training concepts boxers use to keep fit, so they are perfect if you want to reap the fitness benefits of  boxing without the flying fists to your face.

Since it had been a good couple of years since I had done any boxing training, I decided to get myself back up to speed with a total beginner class. It was a decision I didn’t regret, because I had forgotten just how exhausting, and not to mention how uncoordinated, boxing makes you feel.

Following the total beginner format, our instructor took us through the boxing techniques such as jabbing, hooks, upper and under cuts. Once paired up with a partner and pads, the real challenge was not only doing these correctly these but using them in different combinations.

Although we were only doing  short bursts of actual boxing for up to about a minute, at the time this felt like so much longer, but broken up between swapping out the pads with your partner there was a chance to catch your breath and keep your heart rate up.

At the end of it I came out looking and feeling like I had done a full spin class for my arms, but still wanting more. I’m going to try and head along to one their boxing classes at least once a week.

Movie ride

Another new class I really enjoyed was Ride Movie, where you sprint and sweat it out to different movie soundtracks. This class was a great variation on Tribeca’s regulars Ride classes, and teamed up with famous movie soundtracks from Marvel favourites and cult classics such as Rocky to really get you into the zone.

See you in 2018

Follow me on my fitness journey into 2018 where I will be continuing my journey and trying out some of Tribeca’s new classes.