Getting into the flow: Vinyasa Yoga

Getting into the flow: Vinyasa Yoga

September 26, 2017
Yoga class

After trying out some of the more high intensity classes this week I decided to try something different this week with a Vinyasa yoga class.

After completing my total beginner classes for Ride and BodyPump, I felt confident to transition into the ‘regular’ classes. At first I was a little nervous, scared I would not be able to keep up. But since then, I have managed to successfully finish each of these classes.

What I’m enjoying most about Tribeca’s classes so far is they allow me to push myself more than I would if I was doing cardio or weights by myself at the gym.

Vinyasa yoga
I hadn’t done yoga in a few years, and before the class I must admit I didn’t know much about Vinyasa yoga. In the past I had tried out various yoga classes but it had never been my favourite type of exercise, and I hadn’t stuck at it for too long. I had always preferred something with a little more movement and something you could break a sweat to.

Vinyasa is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga, sometimes also referred to as ‘flow’ because of the smooth way that the poses run together.

What I didn’t know about Vinyasa is that it is faster paced, and focuses on breathing as you transition from one pose to another. Because of these continual movements it also make it a better form of cardio than more traditional forms of yoga which focus on holding each movement for long periods of time.

Having not done yoga in a while, one of the most challenging parts of the class was relearning how to breathe while also focusing on transitioning to the next pose. I spent most of the first half of the class paranoid I was inhaling when I was supposed to be exhaling. Once I felt like I was able to transition between the movements properly, however, I was able to focus more on my breathing and, by the end of the class, I felt as though my breathing was slowly getting more synchronized and I was  beginning to find my flow.

Although I didn’t feel it was as strenuous and challenging a workout as BodyPump, I still felt like I was continually pushing myself, especially near the end of the class. I was even pleasantly surprised to have broken out a sweat which I didn’t expect from a yoga class.

I think it will take me a few more classes to feel as though I have mastered all of the transitioning movements with my breathing, but I would still like to continue to do this class regularly alongside my more high intensity cardio and strength based classes.

Class: 7/10
Strength and resistance: 6/10
Cardio: 5/10
Post-class burn: 6/10