Getting back gains and starting again

Getting back gains and starting again

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After a month into my training at Tribeca, I was unfortunate to get struck down with a nasty cold that I just couldn’t seem to shake. So, here I am; starting again. Frustratingly, during this time I wasn’t able to train at all.

As I’ve mentioned before the hardest part I always find with training is getting into a routine, and after a month of classes at Tribeca I felt I was finally starting to find my routine, become familiar with the classes as well as feeling fitter and stronger.

So, after weeks of being cooped up, I was eager get back into it. I decided to ease my way back into it starting with a Vinyasa Yoga class. A couple days later I did a BodyPump and by the end of the week I was at Ride Rhythm.

I had really been enjoying the BodyPump classes so had been recommended by a staff member to try one of their Gains classes. Similar to BodyPump these are a weights-based class which focuses on strength training and muscle building. And, again, each one of these classes has you working towards tackling those heavier weights and increasing the load each time.

While BodyPump focuses on an all-over body work out, Gains classes are broken down into lower and upper body areas. And I can say both classes are just as challenging as each other.

Having already done BodyPump before I found this useful because I already knew the techniques, and how heavy I could go up to on the weights.

Gains – Lower Body was exactly what I had imagined. The 45-minute class included a mixture of lower body exercises – yes lots of squats. But the real killer in this class for me was the lunges, and I was reminded of this for the next few days after. And while I still can’t get that knee as close to the floor as I’d like to with the combination of this and BodyPump each time I feel I’m getting closer.

Gains – Upper Body uses a weights and a bar, as well as some push-ups and free weight exercises. My upper body is really weak, so at the moment I’m trying to do this class each week. What really surprised me with this class though was how much I was able to challenge myself and really increase my weight. I found myself doubling the heaviest weight I normally went up to in a BodyPump class.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve returned to training, and now I’m starting to feel back to where I was before I got poorly. Although so far my journey hasn’t gone as smoothly as I may have hoped for, I’m still really enjoying the classes.

Going to the gym in the past has always felt like a chore, but with Tribeca I find myself really looking forward to the classes.

The variety of classes available at Tribeca not only mix up but you find a routine that has a good balance of strength, conditioning and resistance. Here’s an example of my week:

Monday: Upper gains
Wednesday: Ride Rhythm
Friday: Body Pump
Sunday: Yoga