Expert tips 10-12: Stepping it up

Expert tips 10-12: Stepping it up

November 28, 2017

Jordan’s Journey is in full swing now, so Hayley Balls from Tribeca Studios in Ealing is here again to give you more expert advice on stepping up your own exercise regime.

She is following Jordan’s progress and providing tips as she goes along, so this time her advice is about stepping up your training once you have established your programme and got into a regular habit of exercising. This way you can keep progressing.

Watch the video above or read the tips below. And you can still read her first set of tips – and the second set of tips, too.

Tip #1 Set a challenge

OK, so when you’re thinking about stepping it up a bit maybe set yourself a challenge. If you like running then challenge yourself to do 5k or even maybe support something local like the Ealing half marathon and, once you’ve got that in the diary, you’ve got something to work towards. Or, if running is not your thing, then  some gyms and studios have fitness challenges. At Tribeca we have just ran an October fitness challenge and we’ll be having a new year challenge where it’s a four to six week course and at the beginning and the end we measure your body composition so you’ve got a breakdown of fat muscle percentages and you can see the improvement over the four to six week period.

Tip #2 Push yourself

OK, so within any particular class think about how you can challenge yourself and just push yourself a bit further. If it’s a weight space class like Body Pump, for example, pick a couple of muscle groups where you can just go a little bit harder than you did last week. And maybe it’s the squats and the shoulders, or the triceps and biceps, and just pop an extra little on each end – an extra 1k on each – and, you know what? It’ll feel really hard in that class but then after a couple of classes with those weights you’ll start to feel a bit bit better about those weights and you’ll start to see progression.

Tip #3 Mix it up

So, have a think about what types of classes you’re doing and maybe, if you’ve got the opportunity to, then add in a little bit of extra complimentary training. If you can squeeze in that extra class and you’re only doing at the moment cardio classes think about adding in something that’s got some strength training or if you’re already doing strength training and cardio think about maybe some ‘mind and body’ so that you get that flexibility, you get that stretch out and so that you’ve got all of those angles of your training in your training programme.