Expert tips 1-5: Beginners and those starting again

Expert tips 1-5: Beginners and those starting again

As part of Jordan’s Journey, Hayley Balls from Tribeca Studios in Ealing will give you expert advice on your own exercise regime. She will follow Jordan’s progress and provide tips as she goes along.

To start with, Hayley gives you five top tips for what to do when you are starting an exercise programme or joining classes for the first time. Watch the video above or read them below.

Tip 1: Balanced training

Think about balancing your training.

Try to get a balance of cardio, really sweating it out; strength and conditioning; more Zen-like classes – mind and body classes like yoga and pilates; and also it’s really important to have rest days.

Don’t forget about the rest days because they are really important in your training. You can only progress in your training if you let your body recover after the workouts.

Tip 2: Do what you enjoy

Do more of what makes you happy. Try different classes and different exercises until you find what it is you really enjoy doing.

And don’t punish yourself by doing classes you don’t enjoy because, do you know what? You won’t stick at it. So find what it is you are passionate about – a ride class, a pilates class, maybe a dance class, and then try and do lots of those.

Tip 3: Work-out buddy

Maybe work out with a buddy. Do a class with a friend

Not only will it be more fun because it is always really fun working out with friends, but also when it’s the night before and you’re thinking ‘ohh, maybe I shouldn’t go tomorrow morning’ but if there are two of you doing it together it’s easier to motivate yourself to go and exercise.

Tip 4: Your first class

When it comes to your first class, there are a couple of things to do to make sure it’s easier for you.

One of those is to speak to the instructor, so arrive a little bit earlier and have a chat to the instructor and make sure they realise it’s your first class. They can help you throughout the class. They can provide you with easier options if it’s too hard, they can provide modifications if you’ve got injuries.

And then don’t go out too hard. Make sure you pace yourself; particularly if it’s your first class.

Also, remember nutrition, and fuelling your body.

Make sure you stay really hydrated with water; and bananas are amazing too. They are good for energy release but they also contain potassium, which really helps recovery.

Tip 5: Recovery

Which brings me to recovering… and what do you do after class, when you’re really sore and stiff?

The worst thing you can do is just to stay sat on a chair so, if you can, try to keep moving and, I know it’s hard, but try some light exercise. Just some really gentle exercise. It could just be walking the dog, or even doing a class but just making sure you take it easy. It is the best way to keep the blood flowing and actually pump out the lactic acid, which is causing that muscle stiffness.