Around Ealing magazine – June 2017

Around Ealing magazine – June 2017

June 9, 2017
Southall Manor House revamp work
Flamingo at Hanwell Zoo
Acton Carnival

Welcome to the June 2017 edition of Around Ealing, which looks at the summer. Everything seems better in the summer. Not much can spoil it. Not even mowing the lawn while in the grip of raging hayfever and its constant twitch and snuffle; nor the stifling Tube journeys and their hot morass of assorted armpits. No. It is all about long days, warm nights and whatever fun you can find. And there is plenty of fun to be had in Ealing this summer, whatever your age.

How is this for starters? Ealing Summer Festivals, cycling events, holiday activities at leisure centres and libraries, Hanwell Zoo, our parks, adult learning courses where you can pick up anything from a new language to a penchant for pottery; and there will be lots more besides.

That is not all we look at in this edition, however; and there is also a new feature called ‘before you go’ on p30 – this time it is about local walks and outdoor exercise.

The four pages of Ealing Summer Festivals coverage begins on page 10, but before that we run through a top 10 of fun things to do this summer locally.

Look out for the next edition of Around Ealing in September.



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