Around Ealing magazine – February-March 2020

Around Ealing magazine – February-March 2020

February 28, 2020
Homeless man and his dog in London. Photo by Nick Fewings (via Unsplash)
Volunteer stacking shelves at West Ealing Library as it prepares to be community managed

Welcome to the February-March edition of Around Ealing.

The climate emergency is, quite rightly, getting considerable coverage across the world and any serious attempt to tackle it will mean everyone contributing. With this in mind, Ealing Council has started work on a strategy for the borough after it declared a climate emergency. Certain work is already under way and there are also things we can all do already – whether big or small. We look at a few of those things in this edition – including our front cover topic, which is ‘fast fashion‘ and how we can all help to mitigate or minimise our own contributions to its damaging effects on the environment. A group called Elegance in Ealing took some fantastic photos for us, as you can see in the magazine and in our EalingNewsExtra article on them.

There is a lot of other work going on and it will be a continuing theme in our magazine this year.

You will be able to find two offers for readers: One for charging electric vehicles (p12) and another for a free taster session at the new gym and sports centre which is soon to open at Gunnersbury Park (p16).

Regular readers of EalingNewsExtra will have noticed other example of local people and places engaging with the climate emergency – such as the fight against single-use plastic at Featherstone High School and the sustainable fashion exhibition put on by young people at Gunnersbury Park Museum.

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Around Ealing magazine February-March 2020 edition

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