Solar panel auction could save you money

Solar panel auction could save you money

Solar Together London

If you own a home or a business in the borough, you could join forces with others in a group-buying auction for solar panels that could cut your energy costs – and even earn you money.

Solar Together London is a scheme approved by Ealing Council, working in partnership with the Mayor of London. The idea is that, by grouping together, residents and small-medium sized businesses can secure very competitive prices to have solar panels fitted.

They can then benefit from generating their own cleaner – and cheaper – electricity. It is the same principle that has been used by groups of residents to get cheaper gas and electricity deals.

All you have to do if you are potentially interested is register. There is no obligation to buy. Once the auction is held you will be provided with a personalised offer from approved solar panel suppliers. You can then decide whether or not to go ahead.

If you choose to accept the offer you should have the high-quality solar photovoltaic panels installed before the end of the year. You will also, at that stage, have an opportunity to register for a ‘feed-in-tariff’ that could earn you money by feeding some of the solar energy you generate back into the national grid.

Council leader Julian Bell said: “The mayor’s Solar Together London scheme is a fantastic step to help private home owners adopt clean energy, save money and help to tackle climate change, joining 500 Ealing Council-owned homes already fitted with solar panels.

“The benefit of having increased buying power is an opportunity not to be missed. We want Ealing to remain one of the greenest boroughs in London and increasing the generation of clean energy is a vital step on that journey.”

Learn more detail about the process at or contact the freephone UK helpline on 0800 06 08 509.