Borough decides: Local election results

Borough decides: Local election results

May 4, 2018

The Labour Party has retained control over Ealing Council after winning a majority of seats in the local election yesterday (3 May). It secured 57 of the 69 seats and will control the council for the next four years.

Residents voted for councillors to represent the area of the borough they live in, their ‘ward’. Each of the borough’s 23 wards is represented by three councillors, making up the total of 69 seats on Ealing Council.

Labour won 57 of these seats; the Conservatives will continue as the official opposition party after winning eight seats; and the Liberal Democrats won four seats.. Voter turnout was 41.32% from a total electorate of 245,415.

You can see the full results on the council’s website at

Ealing Council reported throughout the evening and early hours from the local count, which was carried out next to Perceval House in central Ealing. Tweets were sent out as things progressed and you can see more on the council’s Twitter feed:

Other local votes

The results of two referendums, one residential referendum and one business referendum, relating to the adoption of the West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Plan, have also been confirmed.

For the residential referendum, there were 1,345 in favour of yes and 175 in favour of no.

For the business referendum, there were 19 in favour of yes and two in favour of no.

Full details and results are available online.