Seasons of Ealing: Autumn

These nine images were the shortlisted entries from our autumn Seasons of Ealing competition. Click on any of the pictures to be able to browse through the gallery. The eventual winner, after a public vote, was the one of the snail (picture seven). Read more here.

Proposed PSPOs in Southall

These maps show the areas under consideration for PSPO protected ‘zones’ in Southall. A public consultation on the idea is running October-December 2017. Read the full story here.

The maps used here contain OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2017.

Save Our Hospitals marches and rally 30 September 2017

Hundreds of people marched from Acton and Southall and then converged at Ealing Common for a rally to voice public opposition to the NHS plans to cut hospital services. Read the full story here.

Ealing Half Marathon 2017

Thousands of spectators and 7,000 runners took part in this year’s Ealing Half Marathon. Were you there? Read the full story here.