Making sure you have healthy homes for winter…and beyond

Making sure you have healthy homes for winter…and beyond

October 16, 2017
Houses in snow. Copyright Mark Hemsworth (used with permission of Green Deal)

Want to save energy and cut your fuel bills? But worried about staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Healthy Homes Ealing is a free service that can guide you all year round.

Ealing Council’s Healthy Homes Ealing, formerly known as COSIE, runs a free phone hotline that provides advice to residents on all these things. It is also holding a number of events around the borough this autumn and winter.

Extremes of weather, hot or cold, can have a detrimental effect on someone’s health. This is particularly the case for those who are elderly, very young, ill or infirm. These people are more susceptible to catching colds in winter; or, in the summer, suffering heat stroke or asthma attacks because of high pollen and pollution levels.

By providing advice and support through Healthy Homes Ealing, the council hopes to show residents what they can do in their own homes to save money and also stay well.

The council is particularly keen to support those whose health and well-being may be affected by cold homes. Vulnerable residents could qualify (depending on eligibility) for a ‘green doctor’ home energy visit, with tailored energy advice and support.

This could lead to being given free energy efficiency measures, or a winter warmth pack with essentials for keeping warm. Where necessary, in-depth fuel debt advice is also provided.


Healthy Homes Ealing events will take place across the borough – keep an eye on for details. If you are holding a community event and think it would be useful if Healthy Home Ealing attended, call 0800 083 2265 to check availability.

Council leader Julian Bell said: “Dealing with changes in temperature can increase fuel bills as you try to keep warm in the winter or cool in the hottest parts of the summer.

Increasingly, because of austerity more people are having to choose between eating and heating. If you, or someone you know, could use some help or advice, contact Healthy Homes Ealing, or come along to one of the events.”


Call Healthy Homes Ealing on 0800 083 2265 (free to all users) Monday-Friday, 9am-5.30pm, or use the online referral form at to get free energy advice.

Photo of houses in snow: Copyright Mark Hemsworth (used with permission of Green Deal)