Enjoying the great outdoors

Enjoying the great outdoors

April 20, 2018
Using outdoor gym equipment in local park

Spring is arriving and the borough’s array of beautiful parks and green spaces are great places to get outdoors and get moving – whether walking, jogging or using outdoor gym equipment.

Regular activity reduces the risk of suffering serious health conditions and improves the chance of living a longer. A healthier lifestyle can also improve mental health and wellbeing.

The council’s Get Moving campaign is highlighting the wide range of opportunities and help available locally to help you stay active and improve your fitness. According to the NHS, adults should have 150 minutes of moderate activity a week and your local park is the perfect place to start.

All activity that raises your heart-rate counts, whether it is a brisk 10-minute stroll, a jog, or even a walk with the dog.

People out walking and enjoying Walpole Park
People out walking and enjoying Walpole Park

Many of the borough’s green spaces are decked out with outdoor gym equipment and some also have distance marker routes placed along pathways in parks to help people measure the distance they have walked, jogged or run.

Anyone needing a helping-hand to put their best foot forward can also take advantage of Ealing Walks – a free, accredited scheme which holds regular guided walks across the borough. The walks take place in local parks on a weekly or monthly basis, last between half an hour and one hour and are open to all abilities.


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