Apprenticeships week: Fatima’s story

Apprenticeships week: Fatima’s story

Fatima Rana, council apprentice

This week (6-10 March) is National Apprenticeships Week and the council is looking to take on another group of enthusiastic and apprentices to work with its varied and diverse services as part of its apprenticeships scheme.

Anyone living in Ealing for the past three years, over 16 years of age and not in full-time education can apply for an apprenticeship, whether you are just leaving school, have been working for years, or are seeking to start a new career; there is no upper age limit. Applications are open from April 1 and there is plenty more information available on the council’s website.

Fatima Rana (pictured above), 21, started in January 2016 with the council’s economic regeneration team.

She said: “After I finished my A-levels, I was going to study biochemistry at university. However, I soon realised I had no passion for that subject nor could I see any flexible job prospects. So I started to research different paths and decided that an apprenticeship had the clearest career path and I could gain a qualification alongside.”

As part of the scheme, apprentices work towards vocational qualifications while being paid for the work they do.

Fatima said:  “I’m very interested in furthering my career in regeneration and through my apprenticeship I am currently gaining experience in this field and exploring all the different projects within regeneration.

“My biggest accomplishment has probably been organising a beach event on Ealing Green that had more than 1,000 people in attendance and supported local businesses.

“I have already improved my communication skills which have helped me to learn to talk to people in difficult situations. I am fortunate that the skills I have gained through my apprenticeships are transferable within any workplace.

“I would recommend the programme because there are so many different departments you can work in which can increase your skillset and experience. I would advise anyone looking to do an apprenticeship to research all the different roles available and to choose a role that has varied projects , this way you can maximise your learning opportunity and hone your skills.”

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