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Jobs & Skills

Copenhagen Metro escalators by Arria Belli (via WikiCommons)

Ealing Council is running two schemes to give people a push with their career. One, WEST, helps unemployed people get work;...
One of the current learners Lukasz Klucznik who enrolled on an adult learning course

Whether you want to improve your job prospects, or ‘up-skill’ for your current job, gaining a qualification can help strengthen...
Fatima Rana, council apprentice

This week (6-10 March) is National Apprenticeships Week and the council is looking to take on another group of enthusiastic...
Megan Walsh got into an apprenticeship through the WEST scheme

“It has made a huge difference for me,” said Megan Walsh, who has gained her first step on a career...
Lucy Taylor and apprentice Katrina Pietersen at Pho restaurant in Ealing

For the fourth year running, a ‘100-in-100’ campaign run by the council’s Ealing Apprenticeship Network has been achieving pledges from...
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