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Local history

We have a rich local history: From daredevil pilots to royal molecatchers, and from manor houses to once rural villages. Our borough has had more than its fair share of fascinating characters, interesting tales, and also has towns recorded in the Domesday book. Curious about the area's past and its role in various national or international events? Then read on. We have collated years of history articles for you from Around Ealing magazine and included others that have appeared online more recently, which will be added to regularly as we go along, including a serialisation of a diary from the 1930s. Thanks must go to the borough's archivist Dr Jonathan Oates - because many of the stories are written or researched by him - and to the local history section of Ealing Central Library.
Ealing in the 1930s

Crimes of passion. Love triangles. Hiring hitmen. These are all enduring themes of films and books over the years. But...
First woman councillor in Ealing and in Hanwell, Emily Taylor

In this year, which marks the centenary of women being allowed to vote for MPs, as well as to stand...

Each year, Holocaust Memorial Day is marked in the borough in late January, as it is around the world. Last...
Ealing lecturer Mr Bruce and his wife Maude - in 1930s Ealing and Southall

Following on from our serialisation of an Ealing man’s 1930s diary, Dr Jonathan Oates looks at another local man’s life...

As plans progress to redevelop the council’s Perceval House site in Uxbridge Road, its staff have been preparing for the...
Mary Waddington's school

In the spring of 1901 a Yorkshire solicitor by the name of Mr Chambers was tasked with finding a suitable...
The Who at the Ealing Club, 1960s

A new movie is being premiered in November that tells the tale of how 1960s Ealing earned the label ‘the...
Balcon in 1952 presents an Oscar to screenplay writer Mr T.E.B Clarke for the best film story of that year, The Lavender Hill Mob

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the death of the man who was the head of production at Ealing...
Ealing Town Hall in 1959

Ealing Town Hall will close next year for refurbishment and reconfiguration. When it reopens, it will continue as the borough’s...
Lady Byron

This is a tale involving a world-famous poet; his wife, a Victorian social campaigner and school benefactor; and their talented...
St Dunstan's Church, Acton, in 1900

Ghosts and the supernatural will rear their heads next month, in October, with Hallowe’en everywhere you look. St Dunstan’s church...
Ivor Chaplin, the long-serving scorer at Brentham Cricket Club

The ‘scorer’ at a cricket club performs an important role, keeping records of all that occurs on the pitch. At...
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