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Tribeca fitness studio in Ealing

Now Jordan’s Journey is back on track after an enforced break through illness, Hayley Balls from Tribeca Studios in Ealing...
Gains Tribeca

After a month into my training at Tribeca, I was unfortunate to get struck down with a nasty cold that I...
Idris Elba. Photo by DFID UK Department for International Development, via Wikimedia Commons

Idris Elba, diamond geezer that he is, makes his second appearance in the illustrious pages of Reel Life. I doubt...
Dickens Yard, Ealing Town Hall and the rest of Ealing town centre in the background

With less money to spend on services we have no option but to change the way the council works and...
Ealing Hospital sign

We are about to go on our Save Our Hospitals march through the borough and have a public rally. The...
Yoga class

After trying out some of the more high intensity classes this week I decided to try something different this week with...
Hayley Balls, Tribeca Studios

As part of Jordan's Journey, Hayley Balls from Tribeca Studios in Ealing will give you expert advice on your own...
Tribeca ride

Starting out my second week wasn’t as plain sailing as I’d hoped for. I decided to start off with a Badass Circuits class, which definitely...
Jordan's Journey

Since moving to London, my fitness has lapsed and after a summer of drinking, holidaying and over indulging I’m hoping...
fire alarm

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in Kensington many Ealing residents, especially those living in high-rise blocks, will understandably...
People Just Do Nothing film on South Acton Estate

One of the West London Film Office’s proudest moments was finding an empty flat for People Just Do Nothing’s Kurupt...
Social care: Carer Yvonne and Geoffrey, part of the council's Shared Lives programme

In this short video, council leader Julian Bell explains what Ealing Council has been doing to tackle the crisis in...
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