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Picture 6 Danuta Krupa

We are opening our fifth seasonal photo competition on 1 October – with the winner again being selected by the...
Friars Gardens is now a community garden for all

An ‘unwelcoming’ patch of land with an ‘unwieldy’ gate as its entrance has been transformed into an impressive community garden....

An Ealing-based organisation that supports permanently injured and psychologically scarred former military personnel by organising motorsport-based trips and activities for them...
Auxiliary hospital in Southall during First World War

Women were debarred from serving in the armed forces in any capacity in the First World War, writes Dr Jonathan...
Horsenden Farm orchard - apples

Enjoy apple games, storytelling and a forest school with apple-themed making at Apple Day 2018. It promises to be a fun day...

You may have read on this website or in the September edition of Around Ealing magazine about various ways in...

If your home does not have a central heating system installed, for example it uses old electric storage heaters, then...
Borough map © Crown Copyright. Licence LA100019807 2018

The boundary lines of parts of our borough could be redrawn as part of a review that also considered the...
African elephant

School pupils are doing their bit to boost the borough’s impressive recycling rates – recycling so many tonnes of material...
High school admissions applications are due in soon

Applications for children to start high school in our borough are now being received. If your child was born between...
Supanja Pueaboonmak-Davies, apprentice

September sees the start of the annual ‘100 in 100’ campaign run by the council’s Ealing Apprenticeship Network. Where else...
Plane. First World War

The invention of the zeppelins and aeroplanes meant that war could be carried on from the air as well as...
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